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Patent Execution Activities

Your Extended IP Team


  • We are a group of scientists and Engineers-turned-lawyers, specializing in Patent Drafting, Searches and Prosecution.
  • We are delivering honest and professional Patent Services worldwide.
  • We are providing Patent Services in all variations of Technical areas varying from Computer Science, Electronics to Mechanical with applications of these scientific areas in a variety of Technical and Engineering products.


  • You'll be hard-pressed to find the same level of expertise that we provide.
  • Our team has vast experience to support various Law firms to manage their Patent Processes across jurisdictions.
  • We have expertise to handle processes specially for EPO, and USPTO.
  • We at Singhwal Techlaw provide Cost-Effective Quality Services with Customized Solutions and Quick Turnaround Times.

How We Support You in the Patent Execution Activities

We support you on all the substantive activities involved in a Patent Process, which, if carried by you, may take your substantial time. The services which we offers are as follows :

Patent Search and Analysis

We have exposure of tens of thousands of hours of carrying out various kind of Searches, like Novelty Search, Freedom to Operate Search, Invalidity Search, etc., and Analysis like Claim Charting, Infringement Analysis, etc.

Patent Specification Drafting

We have carried out 450+ Patent Specification drafts for various Jurisdictions, including EPO, USPTO, India, etc., and for various technical areas like  Software, Computer Hardware, Healthcare solutions, Energy solution, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Automation, etc.

Patent Prosecution Support

We have handled Response Preparations to European Examination Reports, as well as, US Office Actions in a wide variety of technology area.

About Gaurav Singhal (Head)- Singhwal Techlaw

He is Graduated from the top Technical and legal Institutes and leverages his unique experiences of a former in-house patent counsel to a large international corporation and eleven years into his entrepreneurial venture to help clients enforce, protect, and develop IP and to develop other strategies that are aligned with our business objectives. 

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