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Techno Legal Experts


  • We are a group of scientists and Engineers-turned-lawyers, specializing in Patent Drafting, Searches and Prosecution.
  • We are delivering Honest, Cost-Effective Quality Patent Services with Customized Solutions and Quick Turnaround Times.
  • We are providing Patent Services in all variations of Technical areas varying from Computer Science, Electronics to Mechanical with applications of these scientific areas in a variety of Technical and Engineering products.


  • You'll be hard-pressed to find the same level of expertise that we provide.
  • Our Experienced Patent team ensures that they give substantial time to analyze your Business objective, Market dynamics, and Technology to draft and file Patent Application/s, which are broad and strong.
  • We negotiate with the Patent Office to not give away much of the broadest scope of the application, to get a strong Patent registered.

How We Support You to get the widest possible protection?

A Patent Application, strongly drafted & prosecuted by our highly Experienced Patent Attorneys, can help you to get the widest possible protection. Such protection can help you to create a leading market position, which cannot be easily worked around by your competitors.

How much Budget needed for Patenting Process?

Patents are like piece of land you can register in virtual space. In real world, you cannot expect a premium location with a broader dimension, in a meagre cost. Patents are not different. Substantial cost goes in for the time, and efforts of our Experts to get an edge providing Patent for you. However, this do not mean that we are unaffordable. Our cost to get a Patent granted in India, in a regular scenario, varies between Rs 1.5-2 Lakhs. This cost may further vary based on the efforts required.

Our USPs

11+ Years

Exposure of 11+ years, and 30,000+ hours of handling Patents

500+ Patent Applications

Prepared in varied Technologies for various Jurisdictions

150+ International Applications

Handled Patent application for US, Europe, Japan, China, Canada, etc.

250+ Clients Served

We serve Individual inventors, Startups, MSMEs, MNCs, and Law Firms

The services which we offer are as follows : 

Patent Search and Analysis

We handles various kind of Searches, like Novelty Search, Freedom to Operate Search, Invalidity Search, etc., and Analysis like Claim Charting, Infringement Analysis, etc.

Patent Specification Drafting & Filing

We have expertise to prepare Patent Specification for various Jurisdictions, including India, EPO, USPTO, etc., and for various technical areas like  Software, Computer Hardware, Healthcare solutions, Energy solution, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Automation, etc.

Patent Prosecution Support

We have handled Response Preparations to Indian, European Examination Reports, as well as, US Office Actions in a wide variety of technology area.

About Gaurav Singhal (Head)- Singhwal Techlaw

He is Graduated from the top Technical and legal Institutes and leverages his unique experiences of a former in-house patent counsel to a large international corporation and eleven years into his entrepreneurial venture to help clients enforce, protect, and develop IP and to develop other strategies that are aligned with our business objectives. 

Listen from our Customers

Nitin Vats// Try & Buy Fashions

Gaurav, the Principal IP
attorney of Singhwal is very humble and intelligent guy. We are engaged with
Singhwal Techalw since quite long. He has deep knowledge of maintaining and
preparing portfolio of not only just Indian patents but U.S, Europe, JP, China
and other countries. I would suggest startups and established companies to
connect with them. I am sure that this company is changing IP ecosystem in
India and making it very accessible.

Keertish Sheeramali // Kann Digital

When you want to file a
patent, clarity of thoughts and directions play the utmost important role. The
way Gaurav takes you from a naive thought of innovation to a mature protectable
asset is highly commendable. Go for it!!

Kanika Bansal// Designocare

Singhwal Techlaw is a highly professional patent law firm. I had some patentable ideas and lawyers here took me step by step through the process. Kept it very transparent for me, including costs and timelines and took care of my complete filing. It made things simpler for me, allowing me to focus on my R&D. Finally, I got my patent granted in UK, thanks to them. I am again in the process of filing another patent with them in India. I would thoroughly recommend them for their services. If you are looking for a good patent advice, then this is the spot for you 😊

Jay Patil// Cine Origin

One of the best patent
attorney in Bangalore. Easily transform your ideas into patentable information
and claims. Recommend them if you have patentable idea, and want to process for
India and US. 

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How soon you want to file?
Less than 1 week
Within 1 month
1-3 months
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