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  • You are dealing with a group of experienced lawyers, specialized in Trademark Searches, filing, Prosecution and opposition.
  • You'll get Honest, Cost-Effective Quality Trademark Services with Customized Solutions and Quick Turnaround Times.
  • You'll be hard-pressed to find the same level of expertise that we provide.
  • You'll get end to end support services for your Proposed mark, starting from pre-filing till post registration including trademark renewal, trademark watch, licensing, restoration and also rectification.

Why TM Strategy before TM Filing ?

  • Help you in identifying Trademark classes to cover your complex business activities.
  • Drafting right class description to cover the Business activities!
  • Identifying Registration hindrance risks, including Opposition risks.
  • Aligning your marketing assets into Trademark assets.
  • Helping you to align your Goodwill before filing of the Trademarks.
  • Minimizing cost associated risk by adopting sequential Trademark Filing Strategy.

How We Support You to get the widest possible protection?

We help you to get protection of your product (whether a good or a service) so as to distinguish it from goods of your competitors. Which eventually converts into reputation of your company by regularized usage, extensive branding and marketing activities.
Trademarks, when carefully adopted, applied for and registered, becomes an important asset. For instance, while considering applying for a device, it is important to break down any aspects of the device as well which you the Applicant may be interested in filing apart from the entire device mark.

How much Budget needed for Trademark Process?

Brand building takes substantial efforts, in terms of time, money and human resource. Its improper protection may lead to weaker enforcement of the brand, and even further dilution of the brand which shall lead all the efforts to go in vain. Sometimes, it can cost the existence of a company itself.

At Singhwal, we support our clients end to end to develop a healthy an enforceable Trademark portfolio by employing various strategies and techniques so that you shall receive an optimal protection and enforcement for your marks.

Our cost to get a Trademark  Registration in India starts from Rupees 12,500. This cost may further vary based on the efforts required.

Our Clients

250+ Clients Served

We serve Individual Applicants, Startups, MSMEs and MNCs.  Some of them are:

The services which we offer are as follows : 

Pre Filing


  • Trademark Search
  • Trademark Analysis
  • Trademark Opinion
  • Trademark Strategy
  • Defining the scope to identify Classes, Description of the goods and service

Filing & Registration Services

  • Trademark Filing(indian & International)
  • Responding to Examination Report
  • Trademark Hearing
  • Trademark Opposition Filing/Response

Post Registration Services

  • Trademark Renewal 
  • Trademark Watch
  • Trademark Licensing
  • Trademark Restoration 
  • Trademark Rectification

About Gaurav Singhal (Head)- Singhwal Techlaw

He is Graduated from the top Technical and legal Institutes and leverages his unique experiences of a former in-house IP counsel to a large international corporation and twelve plus years into his entrepreneurial venture to help clients enforce, protect, and develop IP and to develop other strategies that are aligned with their business objectives. 

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How soon you want to file?
Less than 1 week
Within 1 month
1-3 months
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